I am a patient with a newly diagnosed glioma, can I participate?

No, unfortunately due to lack of funding we are no longer recruiting new participants for this study however the AGOG Epidemiology Family and Lifestyle Study is an extension of this original research project and currently recruiting participants. It is a 2 year study investigating lifestyle, occupational, residential and genetic factors that may cause glioma brain tumours. For more information go to www.agog.org.au or contact the AGOG Epi Study Coordinator Ms Lisa Chalmers on 1800 450 385.


I consented a while ago to participate in this study, will I be given any results?

It is important to note that participation in the study and any donated blood, saliva or tumour samples are for research purposes only and not related to diagnosis or treatment. By participating in this project you have provided valuable information and resources to medical researchers wishing to utlilise the database for research and ultimately strive to improve the diagnosis and management of people with glioma brain tumours in the future through new understandings about the causes and treatments.


I am a researcher interested in using the AGOG database for research, how do I access?

AGOG has consented over 1000 patients with accompanying tumour donation, blood, clinical data and survey making the database a unique and rich resource for future glioma research in Australia and around the world. Please click on our access to database link to find out more information regarding access to the database.


I am a researcher and have been given data I would like to query, who do I contact?

Meticulous detail goes into the extraction and provision of data and samples. If you have a query please email the AGOG Study Coordinator Irene Daris at i.daris@unsw.edu.au


Can I make a Donation to Brain Cancer research?

Yes most definitely, please click here if you would like to donate to Brain Cancer Research and the sustainability of the AGOG project.